OTM Consulting announces winners of the Rice Alliance Startup Roundup at OTC

05 May, 2015

OTM Consulting presented ten awards to some of the industry’s most promising technology entrepreneurs at today’s Rice Alliance Startup Roundup, taking place at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). The event showcased 50 emerging technology companies each with an innovative technology based business idea that they presented to potential partners and investors in attendance. The participating companies are solving challenges varying from more efficient gas compression to the aging demographics in the industry, and are at a range of stages of development.

The winners of the Roundup, in no particular order, were:

  • OceanComm
  • MicroSilicon Inc.
  • Deep Imaging Technologies, Inc
  • BlueHaptics
  • Green Ultimate Recovery LLC
  • Veros Systems
  • Amros Corporation
  • Benthic
  • Intelligent Dots, LLC
  • Clean Chemistry, Inc

Henry St Aubyn, Principal Consultant, OTM Consulting Inc, who presented the awards on behalf of OTM Consulting, comments: “In the current environment, it’s more important than ever that we don’t forget that technology innovation can help address and solve some of our industry’s more fundamental challenges. The Startup Roundup event was a great opportunity for everyone to find out about some of the current technology innovations happening in this space.”

Brad Burke, Managing Director of the Rice Alliance, adds: “Despite the challenging economic environment, identifying and implementing new technologies offers the best solution for those operating in the industry to overcome its challenges. The companies presenting here today demonstrated strong entrepreneurial spirit which should have a positive impact on the future of the oil & gas sector. With its industry expertise and experience working with startups in this space, OTM was the perfect partner to recognise and award the companies on display with the most innovative technologies. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with them.”

OTM Consulting has a strong pedigree of working with start-ups in the oil & gas industry. The company, which works closely with both operators and suppliers, helps entrepreneurs understand operators’ needs in detail, plan their go-to-market strategies, accelerate technology deployment through operator engagement, and overcome their technology related challenges. The company also has a strong history of delivering industry network opportunities, providing critical platforms for industry discussion and collaboration on key hot topics. This includes two network events in Houston this week, the Technology Management Network hosted by Hess, where members will meet to discuss bridging the gap between R&D results and technology implementation, and the Oiltech Investment Network aimed at discussing recent acquisition/divestment activity in the industry.

Announcing the awards at the event is part of OTM’s growing presence within the Houston area, and its wider partnership with Rice University’s Alliance for Technology & Entrepreneurship. The partnership is focused on OTM Consulting providing industry expertise and financial support to Rice University’s activities around the creation of technology-based companies and the commercialization of new technologies. OTM’s participation is particularly focused on the energy and clean technology industry in the Houston community and Southwest. The company has recently moved into new, larger offices to support its consulting activities in the Houston area, which it recognizes as a central hub for commercializing technologies with a global impact on the oil & gas sector.


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