Selective standardization approach could help industry sidestep market barriers, achieve full automation

09 May, 2017

Competition and supply chain complexity make it difficult to collaborate on automation, but selective standardization provides advantages to all players, writes Ekaterina Minyaeva, Consultant, Subsurface and Wells, in Drilling Contractor.

Drilling standardization, collaboration and automation have become major buzzwords in the oil and gas industry in recent years, promising higher reliability, improved safety, increased efficiency and decreased costs. Due to the complexity associated with the automation of rig floor equipment, however, full automation of processes and equipment will not be possible until there is a higher level of collaboration and standardization.

Despite the vast majority of industry representatives actively supporting and promoting the notion of collaboration and standardization, including standardization of rig floor layout and equipment, the practicalities make it challenging to achieve. The drilling industry is highly competitive and has a very complex supply chain. Although there is a clear “need” and “want” for collaboration, to date it has been largely elusive.

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