Oiltech Investment Network Members' Breakfast

22 February, 2018

The 1st Oiltech Investment Network Members' Breakfast will take place on 22 February in Houston. 

About Oiltech Investment Network

The Oiltech Investment Network was established to drive innovation within the oil and gas sector and maximise the quality of investment opportunities for members. Membership provides:

  • Opportunities for investor members to identify new deal flow
  • One-to-one meetings with a selection of emerging oil and gas technology companies to discuss their technologies and investigate investment opportunities.
  • Introductions to existing Oiltech portfolio companies (currently numbering more than 80)
  • Engagement and networking with leading oil and gas investors in order to learn more about their funds, investments and perspectives on the market
  • Events to showcase and promote portfolio companies to end users, to fast track field trials, increase industry awareness and support growth

Find out more about the Oiltech Investment Network by emailing networks@otmconsulting.com 

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