Drilling Engineering Association DEA(e) - Europe

03 December, 2015

3-4 December 2015

The next Drilling Engineering Association DEA(e) network meeting will take place on the 3rd-4th December in Stravanger.

About the DEA(e)

The DEA(e) is the upstream oil and gas Association dedicated to the advancement of drilling engineering technology. The objective of the DEA(e) is to improve access to and use of drilling technology on a worldwide basis through ongoing knowledge sharing and supply chain stimulation. The DEA(e) was originally set-up as an operations - research forum and continues to stimulate joint industry project (JIP) initiation and development.

The DEA(e) have four meetings a year themed on a particular topic which is chosen by the members. The quarterly meetings are held at different locations (always in Europe) and hosted by different DEA(e) members.

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