101 Fiber Optics (a training course spawned by SEAFOM)

08 November, 2018

This 101 Fiber Optics training course will take place on the 8th November in Houston, USA. The 101 Fiber Optics course was formed in conjunction with the SEAFOM joint industry forum and has been developed by OTM to highlight the transfer and development of innovative technology into the oil and gas industry. The course instructors are leading experts within the industry from operator and service companies.

How will it add value?

  • Give delegates a good understanding of the basic principles of fiber optics
  • Allow members to review various optical fiber sensing technologies used in industry today
  • Introduce participants to applications within both the onshore and offshore environment

Who should attend?

  • Newcomers to the oil and gas industry
  • Anyone interested in gaining an understanding of fiber optic technology and applications
  • Engineers and technical sales who are in touch with fiber optic technology in their roles


  • Cost is $650.00 ($450.00 if you are a SEAFOM member)
  • We aim to keep the course size below 20 participants to allow interaction with the course leaders
  • On completion, you will receive all of the course slides which can be shared within your organisation

Sign up

Complete the form to join the 101 series training course on November 8th 2018 in Houston, TX.

If you would like further information, contact networks@otmconsulting.com

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