About us

Connected throughout the oil and gas industry, OTM brings broad science and technology expertise and an objective eye to an increasingly complex sector. Integrating astute market insight with a distinctive approach to strategy development, we work in close collaboration with your team to extract maximum value from your R&D and technology investments.

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Why OTM?

Our people

Our team combines specialists in core oil & gas domains and deep experts in a wide range of science and technology areas.

Our track record

We have over 20 years' experience operating in the oil & gas industry and have a track record with oil majors, services companies, technology providers, VCs and start-ups.

Our contacts

We manage 17 industry networks and have an extensive database of senior level industry contacts, giving us direct access to more than 14,000 technology appliers and practitioners worldwide.

Our independence

We bring an objective external perspective to your technology challenges and provide fresh, unbiased and actionable solutions.

Our history

OTM was established in 1993 to provide Oil & Gas focused technology advisory services. In 2013 we became part of Science Group, expanding our services into technology development and deployment.

Our Group

Across Science Group we have more than 350 scientists, technologists, engineers and market experts. We all work across global locations helping companies with science and technology focused initiatives.

About Science Group

Science Group offers independent advisory and leading-edge product development services focused on science and technology initiatives. Its specialist companies Sagentia Innovation, Leatherhead Food Research, TSG Consulting and Frontier Smart Technologies collaborate closely with their clients in key vertical markets to deliver clear returns on technology and R&D investments.

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