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OTM enables companies in the upstream oil and gas sector to extract maximum value from their investments in R&D and technology, through particular expertise in:

Identifying technology opportunities and threats

Deciding which technologies to invest in and how

Applying technologies faster and more effectively

Engaging with sector and technology practitioners


market intelligence
Green BulletMarket analysis, and future demand forecasting
Green BulletDue diligence reviews, for merger and acquisition deals
Green BulletCompetitor landscape mapping, and individual competitor analysis
Green BulletTechnology state-of-art reviews, and trend analysis/ foresighting
Green BulletIntellectual Property analysis
Green Bullet14,000 senior level contacts throughout the industry worldwide

technology strategy planning
Technology strategy development - corporate, asset or resource-type
Technology needs analysis
Technology value analysis
Technology roadmapping
STUDIO® technology-deployment benchmarking
Business plan development

technology commercialisation
Technology auditing - TAPAS®
Portfolio analysis and roadmapping
Business planning and fund raising
Market analysis
Intellectual asset/ intellectual property analysis and planning
Supply chain mapping and development
Joint Industry Project (JIP) initiation and management
Technology marketing, client development and business case development
Field trials initiation/ management

knowledge sharing networks
Network initiation/ management
Workshop/ meeting planning, organisation and facilitation
Web-based information sharing
Standards development (e.g. ISO/ API)
Best practice guidelines development
Technology-performance database development
Case studies/ benchmarking, including technical and commercial (e.g. R&D spend)

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